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TMO Law Firm was founded so we could bring together partners who have over 75 years of combined experience dealing with divorce cases. When clients come to us, they are going through what is often a very difficult time in their lives. It’s a time that, when it’s over, will offer a fresh start for all involved. But the foundation that fresh start is built on can hinge on how the final divorce settlement looks. TMO Law Firm leverages all of our family law experience, all the lessons learned and knowledge acquired over that 75-plus year timespan, to get our clients the fresh start they and their family deserve.

Contact our Bergen County Law Firm at (201) 308-0383 or reach out here online. Our service area extends to Passaic, Morris, Essex, and Hudson counties, and sweeps through all of northern New Jersey. 

Aiming for Collaborative Settlements

Our goal is always to reach a negotiated settlement. To be sure, when a negotiation breaks down and going to Bergen County court is the only way to protect our clients’ interests, we fully embrace the need for litigation. And we’ve built a track record of success in County court. We also know though, that courtroom battles over deeply personal matters invariably leave scars. That’s why we pursue alternative resolution strategies. That starts with a collaborative effort in negotiation. It can include mediation when help is needed to break an impasse. And if arbitration is what’s necessary, we’ll pursue that path as well. The team at TMO Law Firm is prepared to do what is necessary to achieve a settlement that is fair, equitable, and compassionate. 

What Happens When Life Suddenly Changes? 

No one’s life circumstances stay the same, and divorced spouses are certainly no different. Sometimes, the changes life brings may make the original settlement terms outdated. It’s important to understand that spouses—even if they are in agreement—cannot just change a settlement plan without the approval of a court. Our Bergen County family law firm will work on a modifications plan that can pass judicial muster and address life’s new realities. 

Getting the Help You Need

All aspects of family discord are usually painful, but domestic violence is truly a tragedy. Anyone who is the victim of domestic violence should immediately call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 and get somewhere safe. Then reach out to our Bergen County family law attorneys and we can work on getting the restraining order you need to stay safe. 

Contact TMO Law Firm today at (201) 308-0383 or fill out our online contact form and arrange for a consultation.

Fighting for a Fair Division of Property 

The property settlement in a divorce often involves complex legal and financial issues. For couples that don’t have a prenuptial agreement, the division of assets and debts has to be worked out. Who gets the house? Or should the house be sold? What happens to the 401(k) accounts, and other investments, ranging from real estate to liquid assets? New Jersey law requires that property be distributed equitably. But equitable does not necessarily mean equal. Spouses need a lawyer who will fight for their understanding of equity. At our Bergen County family law firm, spouses will find that family lawyer. 

Getting the Right Child Custody Plan

If property settlements are complex, the decisions on what happens to children is often emotional ,and understandably so. Parents in Bergen County have to work out who the children will live with. Will one parent have primary child custody, or will it be split equally? What are each parent’s rights on visitation and vacations? Who has the authority to make decisions on big issues in the life of a child, from education to medicine, to religion? All of these family law issues need to be settled in a child custody plan

There’s also the matter of financing the children’s upbringing. Working out this aspect of the financial settlement may also involve a discussion of spousal support if the divorce is putting one spouse at an unfair economic disadvantage. 

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