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Alimony & Child Support

Experienced Spousal Support Lawyers in Bergen County 

Working through the issues of divorce can feel daunting. The reality is that spouses who are splitting up and seeing their entire financial life placed on the bargaining table. They need to know that their attorney has their back on issues like spousal support and child support payments, because how those issues are resolved will go a long way towards shaping the financial future of both spouses and the kids. A reliable Bergen County spousal support lawyer, one who understands the law, how its often applies in these cases, and is imbued with a strong sense of personal compassion, can be an important ally at this crucial time. 

The partners at TMO Law Firm came together so they could offer clients the wisdom that comes from a combined 75 years of working divorce cases in New Jersey. From our home base in Bergen County, we serve clients throughout Passaic, Essex, Morris, and Hudson counties, and all through northern New Jersey. 

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Spousal Support in New Jersey

Spousal support is the legal definition of what is often referred to casually as alimony. The purpose is to ensure that each spouse, regardless of how income was earned during the marriage, is able to live in the lifestyle they are accustomed to after the divorce. 

The state of New Jersey allows for three different spousal support structures. The first is limited duration alimony. The purpose is to allow for spouses who may have earned less income during the marriage sufficient time to rebuild their standard of living. If the marriage lasted less than 20 years, the duration period cannot last longer than the marriage itself did. 

Rehabilitative alimony serves a similar purpose. It is applied in cases where a spouse may have earned less income because they were the ones who took on the responsibility of child-raising, caring for aged parents, or other roles that are just as valuable to the marriage as a career, but don’t bring in income. A spouse in this situation might just need some additional education or training to get back up to speed in the workforce. 

There are cases where one spouse earns a higher income because of sacrifices made that involved the other spouse. This might include going to graduate school with the financial help of the other spouse. The spouse who helped financially has, at the very least, the right to be compensated for what they put in. Reimbursement alimony is the way to do that. 

Every marriage is different, from the way responsibilities were handled, to how long it lasted, to what the future career prospects of each spouse are. A fair spousal support plan will take everything into consideration.

Child Support Guidelines

Each parent shares the financial responsibility for raising their children, regardless of what agreement ends up being reached on child custody. The state of New Jersey provides a worksheet that couples can use as a starting point. Following the detailed, step-by-step process will give a final child support payment that a non-custodial parent should be responsible for. 

The worksheet number will be presumed correct by the state. This means that it can be challenged if either spouse feels the figure is unfair. But it will be incumbent upon the spouse challenging the number, and their Bergen County child support lawyer, to demonstrate why. 

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  • “David was fierce yet compassionate in handling my complex case.” - Balaji
  • “Everyone should have a lawyer of this caliber. He wasn't just my ally. He was my hero.” - Elana

    The Fresh Start Spouses Need

    Divorce isn’t a finish line. It’s a starting line for a new era of one’s life. The quality of that life will at least be shaped by the fairness of the financial settlement. An experienced Bergen County spousal support attorney from TMO Law Firm  will fight for the agreement that our clients are depending on. 

    Call today at (201) 308-0383 or contact us online to set up a consultation. 

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