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Domestic Violence

Experienced Bergen County Domestic Violence Lawyer 

No one should have to feel unsafe in their own home. Yet, the reality is that domestic violence is tragically common. It’s a true scourge on our society. If you are the victim of domestic violence, the first step is to get somewhere safe. You can call The Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. Then, it’s time to go to work on a plan to maintain that safety coming forward. Our Bergen County domestic violence lawyers are ready to help. 

TMO Law Firm has over 75 years of combined experience working on sensitive family law issues in a compassionate way. We serve all of Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Essex, and Hudson counties, and throughout northern New Jersey. 

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Types of Domestic Violence Crimes in New Jersey

The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, the state law that governs domestic violence in New Jersey, defines 19 crimes that are considered to be acts of domestic violence. This includes obvious cases, such as physical assault. These are crimes in any context, not just in the domestic sphere .

There are other acts though, that are more subtle, and victims may be deceived—or gaslit—into thinking they aren’t really a victim of domestic violence when they actually are. Verbal abuse is a prime example. The same goes for online harassment. Lewd behavior is more than just crass—it can also be considered an act of domestic violence. 

Cases like these may have gray areas. When a person crosses a line from being verbally inappropriate and into verbally abusive is not always easy to gauge. If you even suspect that you or someone you love is being subjected to real verbal abuse, reach out to a Bergen County domestic violence attorney for more clarification. 

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How to Get a Restraining Order

The restraining order is the first step to reclaiming one’s life and peace of mind. This is a legal order that the defendant (the person committing the act of domestic violence) may not have contact or be within a specified physical distance of the victim. Restraining orders can also apply to contact with one’s children. 

Your Bergen County domestic violence lawyer can work with you on a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO). The TRO can be obtained quickly, without the defendant being able to testify on their behalf. The purpose is simply to get the victim into a safe space, at which a point a full hearing will be held. 

At the full hearing, usually held within a matter of weeks after the TRO is issued, if not sooner, the defendant can speak on their behalf. It’s important that a victim be well-prepared to tell what has happened to them. Domestic violence acts are often a pattern of behavior more than a single act. Experienced legal counsel can help their clients prepare to give the judge an accurate picture of what has been happening to them. The judge will then decide if a Full Restraining Order (FRO) is to be issued, and what its terms are to be. 

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    Take Your Life Back

    Human beings weren’t made to live in fear. Very little takes away peace of mind like being subject to violence of any kind in one’s own home. TMO Law Firm is here to help you get your life back. 

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